Gamma Cyg-IC1318

HiRes versions: 1500 pix ; 7000 pix

Tecnical dataValue 
ObjectGamma Cyg-IC1318 
TelescopeSchmidt Camera 600/400/300 (Zen optics): focal length 600 mm, f/2 
LocationDruogno, Val Vigezzo, province of Verbania, near Lake Maggiore, Italian Alps, 860 m height 
TrackingManual with illuminated reticle eyepiece 
Exposure80 min 
FilmKodak Technical Pan 2415 
DevelopmentD19 7 min 20C 
Film ipersitized?yes 
Film iper notes15h 50C 1,7atm 
Hour19.28 UT 
Qualitygood - 
NotesSlightly oval stars 
Processing notesoval stars in the center 
Ambient temperature13 C 
Scan resolution4800 dpi (CanoScan 9950F) 

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